The legal service I can offer

Acting for clients who buy a property in a foreign country is a challenge for both, the client and the advisor. The added complication of a different language & culture does not help at all. These ingredients might create an atmosphere of misunderstanding and distrust.

I will do my best to explain every step in the easiest possible way so that you can understand every movement. I believe in the spirit of co-operation among the client, the estate agent, the Banks and other key parties, treating everyone with respect and ensuring the delivery of solutions, not problems. Sometimes it is not an easy goal.

You’ll be able to count on me from the very beginning, and I can even visit the property on your behalf and offer you my previous opinion on the price, house condition and neighbourhood in my very area (from Sant Feliu de Guixols to Palamós). This can be interesting from the point of view of the investment: you might need or want to sell the property in the future, and in my opinion it is essential that at least you can recover your money if it is not possible to produce some profit.

I have around me essential collaborators that are being described in this page as the builder and the alien Law Lawyer. I have a lot more collaborators I can recommend for other issues you might need.

The collaborators are all absolutely independent companies that I have met along the years and I’ve been working with for a long time, so I know they are reliable. They are just necessary services to be able to offer you options if you do not have any referrals available.