About Surveys/Architects

Survey & Architec

We do not have Surveyors in Spain. Only Architects (Technical or Superior) that can do a report pointing out the possible problems that the property you are interested in might have, and the possible costs associated to these defects.

If you want to build a new house in a plot of land, then you’ll need a Superior Architect, that according to your wishes will do the necessary steps and produce the necessary documentation to obtain a License from the Town Hall).

In both cases, I have realized that it becomes a matter of trust between the client and the professional, and although I could offer some names, I prefer that the client looks for the professional by himself.

In the webs of the Consulate you’ll find some english speaking architects, and you can contact them personally and feel if it is the right techniciann that will understand your wishes.

Thanks to internet there is also the possibility to find architects in the area you are interested in, and just getting in touch you can somehow see if this professional will understand you.