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Testimonials are very important for us because they allow to assess the quality of the service.

And if you would like to speak personally to some of my clients, please get in touch with me and I shall try to arrange a conversation with them.

We engaged Anna as our lawyer to act for us in our recent purchase of our holiday apartment at Sant Pol Beach. We were so glad we did – she is expert in these kinds of purchases for expats like ourselves and professionally and smoothly guided us on all the additional requirements, which we would have struggled to manage. She also successfully solved an unusual last minute problem with the purchase, so that it was completed on time. As experienced financial services executives, my wife and I both admired and appreciated Anna’s feisty but personable and accessible approach to her work.We are delighted to highly recommend her, especially to expat or international purchasers in the beautiful Costa Brava..

Chris Cunnington and Donna Stewart. (Munich & Surfers Paradise, Australia 2024)

We found Anna on the UK Government recommended list and we are so glad we did! The process of selling was initially quite simple but we were quickly inundated with questions and asked to make decisions we did not feel equipped to handle. Anna from her first contact ensured we felt supported and that everything was under control. She explains processes clearly and was able to sort out issues quickly and efficiently. Nothing was too much trouble and when we came to sign at the Notary she truly came into her own and fought our corner. Anna is firm and very knowledgeable but also kind, empathetic and funny. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jane & Mark Elson. (UK – Llanca 2023)

We have just received keys to our new “home away from home” in Banyoles. Anna Abad was a brilliant, caring, diligent tour guide through our purchase. She listened deeply to our priorities and concerns, and pivoted from there to advocate for us with clarity and urgency. She provided us legal advice, advocated for our interests with the seller and selling agent, counseled us about the joys and frustrations of owning una casa antigua, and waltzed us through a messy documentation process. Our family is delighted with her and the amazing home she has helped us own..

Mark Gardiner and Mary Nolan.. (UK – Banyoles 2023)

I have been delighted with the service and support I received when working with Anna at Abad Associats, in recently purchasing an apartment on Coast Brava. Every aspect has been excellent, from attention to every detail to pace and speed of response on any query, nothing has ever felt that it was too much trouble or that I was asking too many questions. I highly recommend Abad Assocaiats.

Karen Adam. (UK – L’Estartit 2023)

My partner and I were looking for a house on the Costa Brava for about a year. When we finally found our dream property it became clear quite quickly that there were several legal issues to be resolved before we could make an offer on the property. There were many complications to the point that we were ready to give up on the house and start looking further. In the end Anna was able to pull us through and give us the final push to get to a satisfactory and successful sale. We are delighted with the outcome and cannot thank her enough..

Daniel Jan Cools / Oliver Cronin. (UK – Roca de Malvet 2022)

My wife & I purchased a building plot in Roses (well, we thought we had). Spent years and a great deal of money trying to get the Escrituras (Title Deed). Eventually we gave up as it was making my wife extremely ill. After many years I decided to try one last time to achieve getting what was rightfully mine. I researched online for a trusted Lawyer who might be able to help us. I came across who came highly recommended. So I sent them a quick email outlining the situation. I was contacted by Anna Abad the same day who stated she would look at it. I explained I did not want to waste another fortune on it. In a relatively short space of time, we built up a good relationship with Anna, who achieved obtaining the Escritura pretty seamlessly. Anna then progressed to market the plot on the open market. The plot was sold on the 28th February 2023. Anna has literally achieved a miracle, she is our “Wonder Women”. Thanks is not enough Anna for what you have done for us. Also, you have restored our faith in human nature.

Clive & Margaret Fowler. (UK – Roses 2023)

Nous avions de grandes difficultés pour résoudre tous les problèmes administratifs et autres concernant la vente d’un bien, ce n’est qu’après diverses tentatives infructueuses auprès d’ agences immobilières, et autres gestionnaires de biens, que nous avons eu la chance d’entrer en contact avec madame Anna Abad avocate, qui a été d’un grand secours pour nous. Elle a pris contact avec les divers organismes concernés, elle a tout coordonné, aplani les difficultés, elle a effectué un long travail de grande professionnelle ou elle a démontré son sérieux, sa ténacité et sa détermination à aboutir, là ou les autres avaient échoué. Mais mis à part cela, ce fut également un grand plaisir pour nous de l’avoir rencontrée, pour ses qualités humaines, son honnêteté et son contact agréable.

Daniel Bardusco. (France – Roses 2023)

Anna was highly recommended to us by our very close friends which live in Platja D’Aro. Once in a lifetime one meets a kind and great person which has positive impact on their well being. Throughout the process Anna was guiding us to overcome every single step and helping us in reaching our goal, to buy a property in Costa Brava – a piece of heaven. She was above and beyond, provided us with professional advice, always a step ahead of the process milestones. She was not only our representative on the ground, but we also discovered that she is a kind person which we would like to call a friend. We are forever grateful for her help and support. We highly recommend Anna. Thank you, Anna!.

Dana & Bogdan Puca. (Toronto, Canada – Platja d’Aro 2022)

We purchased a home on the Costa Brava with the help of Anna Abad. Anna took all legal issues away, ironed out some problems and is a truly knowledgeable professional as well as a great person to work with. Highly recommended.

Lirio and Vincent van Gijn. (The Netherlands-Llagostera 2022)

We were referred to Anna by friends in Begur. The services provided by Anna did not disappoint us; they were of good professional standards and even went beyond the legal scope.

Anna supported us in the purchase of a property in Begur. She led the negotiations on our behalf and maintained regular contact with seller’s advisors. She pointed out possible pitfalls and stayed alert during the whole process. As a result of this it was a smooth transaction which was documented with the notary during an efficient process. As a result of her personal service mentality she was also very instrumental in introducing us with various service providers beyond the legal process.

Cecile Kahmann. (The Netherlands – Begur 2022)

Anna supported us as we considered the purchase of a new build house in Catalonia. Anna’s review and feedback on the purchase contract and house specification was invaluable, she clearly has much expertise and experience in this area. Anna was able to engage with the constructors lawyers directly to clarify a number of concerns we had. At all times through the process we found Anna to be very professional, responsive and supportive. In the end we decided not to proceed, and have put this project on hold for a couple of years. At that time we will not hesitate to reach out to Anna again for support.

Gordon Deas. (UK – Torremirona, Girona 2022)

Anna was a great help in our complicated request to investigate a rural property in Northern Catalonia. She was very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with, updating us constantly with her various creative attempts to find information on what turned out to be a very complex and opaque situation. In the end, after her extensive investigations, we were unable to proceed due to a lack of clarity of what we were buying. Without Anna’s assistance and tenaciousness we would have been completely unaware of the real situation and could have ended up with severe financial consequences had we proceeded with the purchase. Although we were disappointed not to be able to buy the property we had found, we were very happy to have found everything out before we progressed too far. We are continuing to look for other properties and will very gladly continue to use Anna’s services in doing so.

Geoff Roberts. (The Hague, The Netherlands – Rabós 2022)

We are professionals from Toronto, Canada, and, last year, we have decided to move to Spain for retirement. Some friends recommended Anna, as they worked with her and were very happy with her services.

So, back in April of this year, we went to Platja D’aro looking for a house. The first thing I found out is that the real estate market is Spain is very different than the Canadian one, and it is way less regulated. Even if you speak Spanish is difficult (and I don’t speak Spanish yet!), the rules of the game are different, and there are a lot of details when it comes to a property that you must understand and pay attention to, before you proceed to make an offer and then close a deal.

Anna worked with us every step of the way, advising us, and making the process easy to understand. Once we decided on the house we wanted to buy, she got fully involved and took control of the whole process.

Coming from a highly regulated real estate market, you may not be familiar with some possible pitfalls; and in our case there were issues! Anna made sure the problems were solved before the deal was closed. She even helped the real estate agency that represented the sellers teaching them how to solve the major issues, as she wanted to make sure that we are getting a house with all the proper technical and legal documentation in complete order.

She completely gained our full trust, to the point we left a Power of Attorney to allow her to close the deal in our name. Everything worked extremely well; the communication was excellent, and Anna’s professional knowledge of the Costa Brava real estate specifics are astounding. It is not only the legal aspect where she was guiding us; she helped us in many other aspects, like recommending professionals with a good command of the English language, like bank advisers, accountants, builders.

There is no doubt in my mind that, in a situation like ours, you need somebody on your side. Buying a property in a foreign country with different laws and rules is not an easy task, and I find it is only common sense to work with experienced professionals that can properly safeguard your interest in a deal like ours, and they’re also easy to work and communicate with. We started on our Spanish journey having Anna on our side as a lawyer and ended up having her as a dear friend. We’re grateful for her professional help and happy to have met such a great person!

Florin & Liana Buciu. (Toronto,Canada – Calonge 2022)

We were very pleased with Anna’s service in our purchase of a home in Sant Feliu de Guixols. Anna is efficient, professional and friendly, and we would recommend her without hesitation.

Toby Phipps. (UK-Sant Feliu De Guixols 2022)

Coming from an Anglophone country which uses both the Roman Dutch and English Common Law as the basis for our legal system, buying an apartment in Spain was never going to be an easy job. But with Anna, as a capable property lawyer who is well versed in the Spanish property law, has an excellent understanding of the Anglophone systems and has an in-depth knowledge of the Costa Brava property market acquired over a number of years, the entire process could be managed well.

Anna inspected the apartment with us and advised us on an appropriate offer to be made for the apartment, taking all aspects, especially local (municipal) rules and regulations, into consideration. As a consequence of her suggesting a fair price to the owner, the estate agent, and to ourselves, the price was accepted, the contracts negotiated and signed.

Anna also referred us to a first-class legal firm in nearby Girona to assist with the arrangements of medical insurance for ourselves whilst living in Spain. In addition, she put us in touch with a competent English-speaking Spanish bank director to manage the financial aspects of the buying process, as well as to do future payments for rates and taxes, insurance of the property etc.

Buying an apartment in a foreign country (and being unable to speak the local language) is difficult enough but doing it in a “Time of COVID” is far beyond challenging, because travel to the Costa Brava from outside Spain made travel and transactions which had to be done in person at times, impossible. Just fixing the date for the actual sale was subject to travel and other restrictions. All credit to Anna, she overcame all these obstacles, kept us informed on a regular basis of unfolding developments, and finally helped us get the transaction done ahead of schedule.

Her fees were very modest considering all the difficulties she had with us, but full credit to her, she persisted and completed the transaction competently.

After our experience over the past few months, I can advise any future foreign buyer, especially from a non-Spanish speaking Country, not to try to buy a property in a time of Covid, and not to try and do it alone, and especially not without a very good lawyer – and Anna is a good property lawyer, is very familiar with the property trade on the Costa Brava, and has shown she can do a real professional job.

Nok & Marietjie Frick. (South Africa-Blanes 2022)

Anna is a real life “Fairy Godmother”! She makes everything possible. Honest, reliable, hard working and, with a great sense of humour, Anna is a an excellent lawyer. We feel very lucky to have met her and we can’t recommend her enough.

Anna helped us deal with the estate agent, the Town Hall, the Notary, open a bank account, sort out the house insurance and also recommended people for other important issues related to the property.

Anna is extremely well connected and always ready to help. Thank you once again.

Stephanie and Andrew Cucuianu (UK-Llagostera 2021)

Anna is a truly dedicated professional with passion for her work and a wonderful person. Without her excellent support, the purchase of our dream house would not have happened. I am a lawyer myself, but I would never consider buying a property in Spain without the support of a local lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the Spanish legal system, just like Anna. It is difficult to find a person you can trust, especially remotely. We found Anna’s website on the internet and were so impressed by the testimonials that we decided to contract Anna after our introduction call. We can only confirm that all the superlatives are true.

Our purchase was very challenging, and she supported us throughout the whole process. Thanks to her knowledge, connections and all the hard work, we are now the proud owners of our new Spanish home. We are very thankful to Anna and consider ourselves to be very lucky to have met her. We can only highly recommend Anna!.

Michaela Dolman Peskova. (The Netherlands – Begur 2021)

Anna is a true gem when finding a lawyer in Spain. Anna dealt with the process of an off plan apartment property purchase with mortgage.

We had an initial call and in person meeting with Anna, where there was no obligation of using her services. Upon speaking and meeting with Anna you instantly feel at ease as she is very kind and warm – we instantly knew we wanted to proceed with Anna as she is extremely knowledgeable.

Anna always puts the client first, will always communicate and explain every step of the process so you have no worries and comfort in buying in Spain as it can be a very complicated process. Even though our process was very long I never had to worry or stress as Anna was always dedicated and one step ahead to ensure we finalised and completed the purchase.

Anna was the best person we found in Spain and cannot express enough how great she is with an amazing professional work ethic. I would highly recommend Anna for your purchase or legal matters and we will be using Anna’s services in the future also.

Caprese Green (UK-Tossa de Mar 2021)

Anna is a superb choice as a lawyer in buying a property in Catalunya. We have just finalized the purchase of a Masia (country Farmhouse made of stone) here. Buying rural property here can be a nightmare at the best of times but this particular one was bank owned (mortgage stressed) and has had squatters living in it. The resulting 3 month “roller coaster ride” process, was only possible with her amazing, friendly, resourceful and professional support. Anna goes above and beyond the role of lawyer and became an indispensable part of our buying project team. Thanks Anna .

Beatriz and Ian Mathews. (España / Australia – Sant Llorenç de la Muga 2021)

We spotted a flat that we were very keen to buy in Barcelone, ElBorn. We found Anna Abad Associates via the UK registry for Spanish lawyer and had a very early call with her. She was very helpful in guiding us in the purchase process. This is a critical piece of the long run to close a deal. We found the law here rather protecting the seller. For instance, there is no obligation to provide certificates on termites, mould, asbestos or lead. This is for the buyer to find out. That is where Anna was so helpful. After her continuous calls to the administrator and detailed report of her process, she eventually spotted a non conformity in the building subsequent to a water damage that ruined its structural integrity. This was one day before our deposit of 10% (Arras contract). While the seller was (after the finding) keen to explain that this was resolved and that the integrity was restored, we were not able to find the certificate of conformity from Ajuntament Barcelona. It could have been a matter of time (delayed in Covid situation) but we decided to withdraw our offer. Buying in Ciutat Vella is challenging and building integrity is key, you need a good lawyer…

Ariel & Marc Yana (UK- Barcelona 2021)

We wanted to buy a house in Spain and were physically living in Hong Kong. We are of European and Asian nationality. We found Anna’s lawyer profile online, through Google and we went through the reviews. After more research it made sense to us to go through Anna for this purchase. We contacted her through WhatsApp and she was quick to follow-up after we explained her our situation. Anna was professional all along the purchase process and highlighted to us the potential issues on the purchase of the house we found online. These issues were resolved with her help and they were resolved during Covid which made it a bit more challenging for everyone. It may happen that the house you want to purchase has no issue at all but quite often there are a few legal things to clear out before a purchase. Anna also advised us on the financing. She is now a good friend and it is always a pleasure to see her.

Julien and Brenda Yeung. (Hong Kong – Vidreres 2020)

We met Anna Abad in 2016 when we picked her profile from the Internet. If you ask why – I can tell you that we were impressed by her credentials, experience and obviously by her English language skills. When we met her in person we realized how fortunate we were as she turned out to be not only a consummate professional as a lawyer but more importantly a fantastic human being. She is warm, very easy to speak to and made us feel welcomed from the first minute together.

As for professional support – we bought a property in Platja D’Aro and built a house – we found she is extremely well connected – eased our way with notary, bank, real estate dealings- and provided clear legal advice through our contract with our building contractor. She went way above a client -lawyer with advice, constant communication and a level of care that only close friends can hope for. We are forever grateful for her support and friendship and hope many other people will have the chance to know and work with Anna Abad. Thank you Anna from the bottom of our hearts.

Voicu and Dorina Dragan. (Toronto-Canada – Platja d’Aro 2020)

We were able to buy our dream thanks to the help, support and driving force of Anna Abad. Always at disposal, pragmatic and very to the point. Not to forget that she speaks English very well. You can have full trust in here, she contacts whoever needs to be spoken with, she knows the habits and is very transparent and straight-through. At all times we felt very supported and great help. She definitely will stay our advisor also for future advice.

Tinne en Wim Verbrugghe. (Belgium, Aiguablava 2020)

Nous cherchions un avocat pour l’achat de notre maison en Espagne et c’est par hasard que nous avons trouvé son site internet . Ce fut un grand plaisir de rencontrer une personne aussi professionnelle et disponible à tout moment pour nous aider dans les démarches d’achat de notre maison. Sans Anna, nous n’aurions pas pu faire face à toutes les démarches et difficultés administratives. De plus, elle s’exprime très bien le français ce qui nous a beaucoup aidé car nous ne parlons pas du tout Espagnol. Nous vous recommandons vivement Anna pour l’achat d’un bien en Espagne, vous pouvez lui faire une entière confiance, elle est la femme de la situation.

Michèle Klein et Francis Tassin. (Francia–Calonge 2020)

We bought a house in Costa Brava this summer during the corona virus crisis. Our lawyer Anna was exceptional throughout, making it far less stressful that it could have been. Anna was extremely helpful, courteous and responsive at every moment we needed to contact her. We had a few problems and without Anna’s skills and experience we could have lost our dream house in Spain. We would highly recommend her services to any one who need an English speaking Spanish lawyer. Thank you.

Paul & Carmen Harvey. (Southampton UK, Platja d’Aro 2020)

Anna permanently monitored our house purchase process and explained to us in simple terms all the complicated legal aspects of this process from the moment we hired her to the very end, that is, until we received the keys to our new home. This process was long but all the way throughout it, we felt absolutely protected from any potential legal pitfalls. We cannot imagine what we would have done without Anna’s invaluable assistance. She reacted promptly to unanticipated problems and advised us instantly how to solve them. The fees for her services, quite reasonable from the start, turned out to be even lower for us in the end after Anna secured the return of a deposit we had unwisely paid before we hired her. We strongly recommend this competent legal professional to anyone planning to buy real estate in Catalonia. Anna will not let you down!

Alexander Statiev and Olga Mladenova. (Canada – Fornells 2020)

Anna has not only proven to be an experienced, outstanding legal adviser in our quest to purchase a house in Spain, she has also become a dear friend in the process. She always went the extra mile (literally) to ensure that every detail was examined and advised us accordingly without prejudice and with charm and professionalism. Her language abilities in Spanish, Catalan as well as English, French and no doubt other languages has been invaluable, as have her numerous contacts in the property market, without which we would have been left at the mercy of local estate agents! Our communications were proactive, comprehensive and easy; especially since Anna is a ‘workaholic’ in ensuring her clients are satisfied, often working late and weekends.
Although using legal services can never be inexpensive, Anna proved that in the long run she more than pays for herself.
We chose Anna largely from the value of her testimonials and we are proud and privileged to be able to add our own positive experiences to her long list of satisfied clients.

Sandy & Ian Gordon. (UK – Roses 2019)

From the first time we met Anna we knew we had made the right choice. Anna combines being a charming lady with a fierce professionalism. She made everything so easy for us whilst ensuring that everything was fully covered. We found a great solicitor and now a good friend.

Nick Gordon. (UK – Platja d’Aro 2019)

When we decided to purchase a property in Girona we didn’t know anyone to represent us and to act as our abogado. We had seen Anna recommended online and thought we would meet. It was the best thing we could have done. Our particular purchase has been extremely complex and it really needed someone that not only knew the law, but also someone that would fight for us and make our success her personal mission. Anna proved to be just this person. She has always been kind to us and sympathetic to our lack of knowledge of Spanish procedures, but with all the other parties involved in our deal, she has been a ceaselessly fierce defender of our interests. We have only had the pleasure of knowing her for a very short time, but we very much hope we will be friends for a long time to come. Thank you Anna, we cannot recommend you highly enough.

Sue & Niall Horton-Stephens. (UK – Llambilles 2019)

I decided to use Anna after finding her on the Uk Gov list of recommended lawyers.

We had been poorly advised after selling a property in Cadaques and were facing legal action as a result of the poor advice. Needless to say my confidence in professional advice was very low.

Anna was fantastic, her English was excellent and she got to the heart of the matter very quickly.

She is warm, professional and honest. She is tenacious and got our matter resolved quickly. She communicated well during the process and has contacts in the tax office through her years of experience.

My only regret is that I didn’t use her earlier, it would have saved a lot of time and trouble.

I whole-heartedly recommend Anna to anyone thinking of buying or selling a property in the Costa Brava.

Tim Davis (UK – Cadaqués 2019)

Having heard many tales of bad experiences when buying property in Spain, having good legal representation was one of our main concerns when we decided to go down that road. As usual we were advised by selling agents there was no need to have a lawyer and they could do everything for us. We were so glad we didn’t listen.

We came across details of Anna Abad’s law firm on a Gov.UK website. We were immediately impressed by quality of the testimonials on the firm’s website but as usual slightly cautious. However, after a few emails and a conversation with Anna we were soon at ease and confident we had found the right firm to handle the purchase of our very first property in Spain.

Anna arranged everything, professionally and smoothly from start to finish. Great communications, perfect English, very friendly, full of good advice and nothing too much trouble.

We would have no hesitation in recomending Abad Associates to anyone buying a property in the Costa Brava. We will definitely be using Anna’s services again in future.

Carol & Michael Wilson (UK – Roses 2019)

We were recommended Abad Associats by a friend, who strongly advised us to get in touch with Anna when we were thinking of buying an apartment in Begur. We are so glad we did! From the moment we told her we’d found a place during a brief trip there, Anna has been brilliant.

With less than 24 hours notice, Anna arranged for her colleague Toni to meet us and accompany us to the police station to obtain our NIEs. He also took us to the bank to open an account and then to the notary to assign Anna POA. All done in a day and entirely painless in such engaging company.

Anna works tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring that every detail has been checked. We were confident that everything was taken care of on our behalf, with Anna often responding to emails long after hours in her excellent English. She has built strong relationships with key people, ensuring that each cog in the wheel runs smoothly.

The whole process has been a dream – we first viewed the apartment on 7 August and we were sat on the roof terrace just one month later!

We really can’t recommend Abad Associats highly enough. For anyone looking to buy a property in the Costa Brava, you need look no further for your law firm.

Emma King and Mark Woodcock (Dubai-EAU – Begur 2018)

We chose Anna on the basis of the testimonials on her website and I’m glad we did, because in all the interactions we had with her we were impressed by her friendliness, her professionalism, her honesty and her genuine desire to protect our interests. We have no hesitation in recommending her and intend to use her services for any ongoing legal matters during our time in Spain. Anna is a great person to deal with and we wish her all the best in the future

Paul Comyn & Belinda Smith (Geneva Switzerland – Sant Daniel, Girona 2018)

We have recently purchased an apartment in Costa Brava and decided to hire Anna as our solicitor. It was a great choice.

Anna was really helpful, giving us tips and advises which made our purchase easier than expected.

She is detailed orientated, accurate, caring, very professional and stubborn in making sure the best solutions for her clients are delivered. She overcame each unexpected challenging complication which arose and always suggested solutions which she was confident would work.

Anna communicated regularly so that we knew what was going on and she dedicated a lot of time and effort to make sure all paper work would be done properly and on time.

She is extremely friendly , trustworthy, honest and supportive.

Anna became not only our solicitor but also our Catalonian friend!

Thanks a lot for all your support Anna !!!

Iwona Naliwajko-Affa and Tomasz Affa (Switzerland – Tossa de Mar 2018)

We hired Anna at the later stage of our sale as we were told everything was in place to go ahead, even at short notice Anna agreed to help us. Thank goodness she did, after doing the checks needed for the sale, she informed us that not everything was in place. Anna liaised with the bank and the sales agency on our behalf and kept us informed at all times.

If you want a lawyer that is thorough, tough, caring and professional, look no further. Some people prefer to use a large law firm, we disagree, Anna has a personal touch that you will not find in a large law firm.

We have bought and sold properties in the UK and have never come across a lawyer/solicitor that is so on the ball, you don’t need to chase Anna for information, she just does it all.

Thank you Anna

We shall miss you :-)

Rebecca Gibbons & Robert Mulder (UK – L’Estartit 2017)

Thank you again for being such a great source of support and help, we really couldn’t have asked for a more trustworthy or dedicated lawyer and friend throughout what might have been so difficult without you.

Odette and James Brady (UK – Oristà 2017)

We have recently purchased a property in the Costa Brava close to Lloret de Mar. Having read advice online about using a lawyer, we contacted Anna as she was able to speak english. Anna was happy to represent us. Anna proved to be very diligent, checking all of the documentation carefully, she also accompanied us to the Notary’s office where she again checked and translated for us. We would happily use Anna again for any legal advice.

Louise Oakshott (UK – Lloret 2017)

Merci Anna pour votre aide précieuse et efficace pour l achat de notre maison en Espagne. Vous avez mené a bien toutes les demarches necessaires pour solutionner les différents problémes qui se sont présentés à nous et que nous ne pouvions résoudre seulls.

Nous recommandons vivement a tout acheteur de vous demander conseil avant la signature du compromis.

Benedicte et Alain Mulliez (France – Begur 2016)

We initially began our house purchase without a solicitor. Very quickly issues and concerns began to arise and it was clear we needed assistance if we were going to successfully complete the purchase. From the time of my first communication with Anna I felt assured that she would protect our interests and steer us safely through the process. The purchase was protracted and difficult due to land registry issues, but Anna was tenacious and methodical and navigated her way through the sale. Although we had never spoken prior to the notary meeting it felt like we were friends, nothing was too much trouble, all of the steps and the associated risks were fully explained. I would not hesitate in recommending Anna.

Robbie & Lisa Woods (UK – Mas Tomasí, Pals 2016)

Anna Abad recently helped us to buy our dream home on the Costa Brava, and was absolutely brilliant. She led the price negotiations, securing a significant reduction in the asking price, and worked quickly and efficiently, guiding us through some complex issues. Her English is excellent, and she is totally professional, responding to queries and e-mails out of office hours. She has excellent contacts for surveys, and other services. She has continued to be of valuable help, and we have no hesitation in recommending her service.

We would be pleased to be contacted directly if any prospective client wishes to discuss anything further.

Dr Sue Barter & Dr Peter Hicks (London – Pals 2016)

Anna was recommended to us by a friend, and that was a very good recommendation indeed. Anna has helped us very well with the purchase of our house. In the process, she discovered that our house and the adjacent house were accidentally switched in the cadastral registry relative to the municipal registry, which could have caused serious problems for us. Alltogether, we are very satisfied with her work for us. Highly recommended!

Anton van de Haar (Holland – Mas Tomasi, Pals 2016)

I bought my property in Spain with Anna Abad as my solicitor. She was tenacious in methodically working through each unexpected challenging complication which arose. She found solutions and then worked tirelessly to deliver them. She communicated regularly so that I always knew what was going on. She remained positive, and kept a sense of humour, and thanks to her we did it! I would thoroughly recommend her..

Mike Thompson (London – Santa Cristina d’Aro – Golf, 2016)

We are more than satisfied clients, we are incredible satisfied clients and will recommend you for everyone who are in the process of buying a property in Costa Brava!

Johan Svaerdloef and Camilla Ståhl (Stockholm – Sant Antoni de Calonge, 2016)

Anna has just helped us to buy a property in the Costa Brava. From the start, she stood out as being very capable and tenacious. She led the price negotiations and worked through numerous issues, some which at first appeared to be showstoppers. Anna is also one of the most responsive solicitors I have ever worked with. She loves her job and works around the clock to keep things moving at a fast pace. She does far more than would normally be expected to keep her clients happy.

Anthony and Eugenia Magrath (UK – Pals, 2016)

You will not find a superior level of service, anywhere. Quite extraordinary.

Richard Lamb & Jo Hall (UK – Santa Cristina d’Aro, 2016)

I hired Anna in the summer of 2015 for the purchase of a flat in Barcelona. She was proactive, very fast and responsive, very thorough, extremely efficient and did not leave any stone unturned. You can be sure that any risks whatsoever would be brought to your attention and analysed. She is a hard worker and would deal with issues at any time, even during her holidays, so that shows her full dedication and attention to her work and her clients whether big or small. She is also willing to rearrange her schedule and go out of her way if an urgent crisis comes up. I highly recommend her for property purchases in Spain.

Vicky Nakis (Greece – Barcelona, 2015)

We hired Anna Abad in Autumn 2015 as a specialist conveyancing lawyer to carry out all necessary pre-purchase checks and conduct the full buying process of a house in Lloret de Mar we had selected. It was a seafront 1st line property, so Ms. Anna had to check its legality also with regard to the Coastal Law.

There is a plenty of law firms offering conveyancing and property law services in Costa Brava area to choose from. Therefore, we had to make a choice between variety of large law firms mostly located in Barcelona and Abad Associats – a local small law firm, which we found on the UK Gov list of Spanish conveyancing lawyers.

We had doubts, that our legal representation would be better with a larger law firm. According to our experience and the first contact with them, hiring larger law firms does not mean better result. However, smaller local firms give more attention to your case, more attention to you, and more time spent in. Thus, we appointed Anna Abad and very soon realized that our decision was 100% correct. This reliable hard worker fully met our expectations and was always available for us to take a call or answer our email 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning here, that Anna Abad fulfils the criteria, that are essential for a specialist conveyancing lawyer:

– She is a lawyer who specializes in anything but conveyancing, she undertake this as her primary daily work;

– She is independent and not linked to any seller or estate agent.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Anna Abad’s services to anyone who has the need for the professional help she is able to provide.

Arkadiy Briskin and Ekaterina Vilensky (Moscow, Russia – Lloret, 2015)

Anna is a consummate professional, informed, accurate, thorough, and an excellent English speaker. We have total confidence in her and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone considering a property transaction in Spain.

David Brown (UK- Begur, 2015)

Having worked with Anna in business over a number of years, I would only recommend her to my clients. Anna is honest, straight talking and meticulous, responding fast to e-mails and will only suggest solutions which she is confident will work. Her English is great and she is recommended by the British Consulate in Barcelona. It’s easy to spend money on lawyers who waste time, this won’t happen with Anna

Penny Berlin (London – Platja d’Aro 2015)

We decided to use Anna after finding her on the UK Gov list of Costa Brava lawyers. This was reassuring and after our first contact found the decision to be correct. We had a tight schedule from the start but Annas quick responses to questions, swift turnaround of written material, her guidance through the process and her determination saw us reach completion relatively easily.

As an English speaker, her communication is excellent and her willingness to deal with other professionals was greatly appreciated.We cannot recommend her highly enough

Jane Dufton & Errol Chetty (Horsham – Sant Pere Pescador July 2015)

We have been very fortunate to have Anna Abad as our Lawyer for the process of purchasing a property. She has been most professional in all aspects, providing timely and invaluable advice, arranging a comprehensive survey, resolving queries and matters with estate agents, and detailing the process, documents and actions required. Anna’s communications are excellent, always providing a swift response, and if a problem arises with other parties she will seek to find a solution proactively.

Anna is a pleasure to deal with and we have no hesitation in recommending her.

Richard and Anne Copland (UK – Platja d’Aro 2015)

Anna could not be more helpful, not just on the legal side, but for all issues related to buying a property in Spain for the first time

Stephen Chandler, York (UK – Begur 2015)

We strongly recommend Anna as a property purchase lawyer.

Having first seen our apartment at the end of May we completed the purchase successfully in mid-July. Anna offered sound advice and we learned very quickly to trust her judgement. She answered our enquiries and emails promptly enabling the purchase to proceed smoothly and with minimal stress.

Ian & Frances Cambrook (Dorset, UK – Sant Antoni de Calonge 2015)

Anna has been absolutely amazing! We came to the Costa Brava to buy our dream home and were quite nervous about the sales process. Anna was reassuring from the start and led us through the steps supporting our decision making whenever it was needed. Her English is excellent, she works very quickly, she is well connected and extremely professional. Using Anna’s service was the best decision we made and we can highly recommend the experience.

Graham and Tracy Frost (Winchester – Santa Cristina d’Aro 2015)

Cher maître, Par cette lettre, je tiens à vous remercier très vivement de toute l’aide que vous nous avez apporté lors de l’achat de notre villa à Calonge.

Entre le début des négociations pour l’achat de la maison et le passage chez le notaire,( trois mois), vous nous avez apporté votre aide pour déjouer tous les pièges inhérents à ce genre d’achat, vous avez été disponible presque 24 heures sur 24!!

Nous avons été en contact permanent même lorsque vous étiez en vacances!

Grace à vous nous avons acheté un bien qui a une existence légale (ce qui au départ n’était pas le cas!).

J’hésitais au départ prendre un avocat mais je ne regrette en aucun cas ce choix qui fut bénéfique à 100%!

N’hésiter pas à présenter ce courrier à vos clients tellement notre satisfaction est grande et même à donner nos coordonnées, je leur expliquerez votre efficacité!

Recevez cher maitre toute notre considération et notre amitié sincère.

Bien à vous.

Eric Steens & Ariane De Backer (Belgium – Calonge 2014)

You can really trust Anna to get things done quickly and accurately. We thoroughy recommend her services for anyone needing legal help in Spain

Nick Band – Surrey (UK – Begur 2014)

We have recently bought a beautiful flat on the Costa Brava and we just couldn’t have done it without Anna’s help. She spoke to everyone, translated everything, and made all arrangements so that our purchase could go ahead with no hassle and no fuss. She went out of her way to make things easy for us and we feel that we were very lucky to find her. We’ll certainly be using her for any further legal issues we may have in Spain.

Dave and Madeleine Oliver (London – Pineda de Mar 2014)

After buying a house on the Costa Brava we experienced that retrieving all the necessary papers and arranging the sale at the notary was quite a hassle. We looked for a lawyer to assist us and called various layers and intermediates in the region. We found Anna via her website. After reading the references and speaking to her on the phone we asked her to assist us with our purchase. That made thinks a lot easier and saved us various trips to Spain.

Anna speaks and writes English very well and we especially appreciated her quick actions and respond to e-mails, sms and Whatsapps. She has an excellent network with people who can assist you at local banks, with local builders and local painters. We would really recommend her for a whole or a partial assistance with the purchase of your house in the beautiful Costa Brava where she seems to know every town and urbanisation.

Ben van der Waal (The Netherlands – Santa Cristina d’Aro 2014)

We would strongly recommend Anna to anyone. She kept us fully informed throughout the whole process and was always available to answer our queries. But notwithstanding her obvious capabilities, what made her stand apart from others is that she clearly cares passionately about her clients and wants everything to be perfect for them – it is not just a job to her. She was a pleasure to deal with.

Tony & Sue O’Neill (UK- PGA Golf – Caldes de Malavella 2013)

We appointed Anna Abad to represent us as our lawyer for our Spanish property purchase in the summer of 2013.  It was the best decision we made.  Anna provided a full “start-to-finish” service.  She conducted the price negotiations on our behalf (having visited the property personally to determine the negotiating points), provided a complete conveyancing service, which included obtaining all the necessary documents, assisting us with obtaining NIE numbers, advising on local bank accounts, arranging an architech’s survey, preparing local wills and accompanying us to the Notaries office on the day of completion.  We made our first offer in early June and completed the purchase on 9 July, moving in that day.  Anna has a hands-on, professional  approach, speaks and writes excellent English and responds very quickly to emails.

In short, Anna took much of the hassle and stress off our hands and we would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Tony and Margot Harrison (UK – Calella de Palafurgell 2013)

Anna Abad dealt with our purchase of an apartment in Palamos just over a year ago. We could not have chosen a better lawyer! Anna was at all times professional, diligent,trustworthy and reliable. She helped us through the whys’ and wherefore of Spanish law, completed the purchase in good time and even afterwards was helpful over a number of matters. I would certainly use her again and would recommend her to anybody.

Evelyne Tanner (UK – La Fosca, Palamós 2013)

We found Anna helpful and efficient in her services to us. She spoke fluent English and was fully aware of our requirements. She organised our appointment with the Notaire and was very helpful throughout the process. Most importantly, her charges were appropriate to our requirements.

Tony & Cheryl Mitchell (UK – Calonge 2013)

The support and professionalism from Anna over the course of our working relationship was second to none and she speaks my language. I would have no hesitation recommending Anna’s services. Personal, efficient and importantly, understanding. I felt that my interests in the purchase of my property were thoroughly looked after with genuine care.

Jackie and Kerry Clarke (UK – Lloret de Mar 2012)

We were absolutely delighted with the work Anna did for us when we bought our property. She was professional, friendly and prompt in all our dealings. By having Anna as our lawyer in Spain, we totally avoided the financial or legal problems that can be met when buying property abroad. Anna organised absolutely everything and made the whole process easy and stress free for us.

Morag & Douglas Taggart (UK – Platja d’Aro 2010)

And if you would like to speak personally to some of my clients, please get in touch with me and I shall try to arrange a conversation with them.

You can find my office in the list of english speaking lawyers at web of British Embassy in Spain. Also in the list of attorneys at the web of U.S. Consulate at Barcelona.