About Us

Abad Associats is a Lawyer’s office specialized in conveyancing in the Costa Brava -Catalonia- and located in Platja d’Aro (Girona). The Company has agreements and legal bindings with Lawyers & Solicitors that cover different areas, and as a result, we are able to offer you a very complete and full legal service.

Although you do not compulsorily need a Lawyer to buy a property in Spain, experience has demonstrated that it is highly advisable. In fact, in all Consulate/Embassies webs you will see that it is highly recommended to all citizens to use a Lawyer. Not only language is already a barrier, but also legal systems differ completely and it is very difficult to understand some steps if you have no help on your side. If any old existing legal problem arises, then you have to be able to understand it. Also if it can be solved or will stay, but even if it will stay you’ll be the one to decide if you can live with it or prefer to pull out.

On the other hand, it is an insurance for your investment: should any legal step go wrong, a Lawyer could be sued.

We started our specialty 20 years ago to offer our clients legal advice and legal help when buying a property in Spain, and we can do our job in all the Spanish country including islands.

We offer you independent professional advice, acting exclusively in defense of your interests.

You will find in a friendly atmosphere all the legal and non-legal help you may need when buying a property, when living here, or even should you decide to work in Spain or create your own company here.

Not only when buying the property: we will help you in case you have problems with your neighbors, with the Town Hall, no matter the legal problem that may arise, we will be standing by you.

Anna Abad is the main Lawyer of the office, and she is the one who will personally answer your telephone calls, mails, always within the next 24 hours, providing you something difficult to find: PEACE OF MIND.

You can find our office in the list of English speaking lawyers in the web of the British Embassy in Spain. Also in the list of attorneys in the web of U.S. Consulate at Barcelona.