The Alien Law Lawyer I work with

I am Maria Rieradevall i Tarrés, the main Lawyer of ESTRANGERIA ADVOCATS, Law firm specialized in Migrant/Alien Law, Immigration and Nationality with more than 23 years of experience in administrative and legal counseling.

ESTRANGERIA ADVOCATS advises clients and submits proceedings to obtain residence & work authorizations in Spain. Also proceedings to ask for the Spanish Nationality, authorizations renewal, family reunification, administrative appeals and contentious-administrative appeals in Court. We speak English.

GOLDEN VISA: since the approval of the Law 14/2013, on September the 27th, for the enterprising support and its internationalization, there is a regulation over measures in order to obtain visa and Residence card for INVESTORS from non-European countries.

1. Investing 2 million euros or more in public debt.
2. Investing 1 million euros or more as chairholder in Spanish companies or in Spanish bank deposits.
3. Buying properties for 500.000 euros or more.
4. Or because of a company project considered of general interest.

It is compulsory to take out a Health Insurance through a Spanish Insurance Company.
With the obtention of the Golden Visa there is no obligation to remain in Spain for more than 6 months during the year and you can freely travel in the Schengen area without any issue. Only one application per family/investment that will include spouse and children younger than 18 years old and older than 18 years old with dependence. Nowadays, the investor is even authorized to work as an employee or being self-employed.

NON-LUCRATIVE RESIDENCE VISA: This might be an option to live in Spain with the following conditions:

1. Although it is not compulsory, it is easy to get the Residence Authorization if you own a property in Spain.
2. It is compulsory to be able to take out a Health Insurance through a Spanish Insurance Company.
3. Minimum income for one person has to be approx. 2.259 € per month, two persons, 2.825 €. The amounts may vary every year.
4. With this Residence Visa, you’ll have the obligation to remain in Spain minimum 6 months every year, and consequently tax in Spain.

Every consultation will mean a fee of 95€ plus VAT, and you can come in person or we can have a video call.

Please, get in touch by means of the above link and we shall study which is the best option for you